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Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science Student

Mat is currently studying at our Gold Coast Campus and is works on our School and Community Outreach Program as a Mentor.

We asked Mat some questions about his pathway to University and why he chose to study Sport and Exercise Science.

“I went to McAuley Catholic College for High School.  Growing up I always had a passion for two things, fishing and sport.  In high school I didn’t see myself as the type of person to go to university as I had it in my mind that only the smartest had that dream.  However, I always knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to do something with exercise, human movement.

I started seriously thinking about university in my final year of school. I had a pretty handy Careers Advisor and Senior PDHPE teacher that helped me a lot.  I also went along to heaps of university open days to help me understand more about the courses I was interested in. 


Now as a uni student the ultimate dream is to work in a sport setting with elite athletes. 

The best piece of advice I could give would be to never count yourself out and always follow what you’re passionate about. These days were lucky to have all the opportunities available to us and you’ll be so surprised how much fun and rewarding pursuing something you’re passionate about.”