2019 Programs

What we do 

The Stellar Program engages students in learning opportunities and experiences that explore university and build awareness, confidence and motivation about the possibilities of higher education.We work with students, families and communities from partner schools in the Clarence Valley Region. 

The Stellar Program is designed to build on students knowledge as they progress through their school years.  Program design considers the stages of students career-decision making and aims to complement careers activities in their school.

2019 Program activities

Year 6 - Uni Opens Up Your World

The Year 6 on-campus visit provides an opportunity for students to experience the physical environment of the university, learn about course areas and career pathways and focus on their personal strengths. Students participate in a number of small workshops where they learn about course areas and the many careers they may have never have heard of. Students participate in hands-on activities that relate to different course areas. As part of their visit students complete their own personal workbook which includes further activities which can be completed at home or in the classroom on their return to school.

Year 7 - Imagining Your Future

The Year 7 workshops delivered in schools provide students with the opportunity to explore their potential as the decision maker in their own career journey.  The focus of the workshop is to introduce students to skills they will use throughout their high school years as they set themselves up for life beyond school.  The program is delivered by Stellar Program Staff in combination with current university students.

Students leave the workshop having developed a clear plan for Year 7 which encourages the inclusion of planning, taking actions and calling on mentors and friends to help achieve their goal.  Individual intentions for the future (My Big Goal) are also sealed in an envelope to be followed up again in Year 10

Year 9 Going to Uni

The Year 9 on campus visit provides an excellent opportunity for students to experience the physical environment of a university and learn about: course content and career outcomes across a variety of academic disciplines; recognising and developing personal skills and strengths; skills for the future; making study and career choices.

Year 10 Role Model Careers Days

The Year 10 Role Model Careers Days provide students with the opportunity to explore different career pathways by engaging with people from a wide variety of careers within their local community.  The program is delivered in partnership with a number of organisations 

Students rotate in small groups throughout the event, participating in 10-15 minute presentations.  During each presentation students have the opportunity to hear about the presenter’s pathway to their current role, lessons which they have learned and what their day to day job invol

Year 10 @ Uni Days

Small groups of year 10 students attend  Campus to explore an academic area of interest in more detail.  

Whilst on campus students attend a lecture, participate in a hands-on-tutorials and hear from academic staff about course structure and careers. 

A number of Stellar@Uni days are held throughout the year.  

For event information contact stellar@scu.edu.au

2019 Program Reports 

“All in all, Stellar is a great program for schools and hopefully the Uni as well. It takes the “scare factor” out of the equation and offers so much positivity for students who would otherwise choose an easier career path rather than going to University.”

Teacher, Maclean High School

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